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Painting with Polyvine

We are pleased to announce that we now stock a selection of the Polyvine products. We have been using the Polyvine products for many years on all our painted furniture projects. There are so many reasons why we like the products from being easy to apply, low odour, water based so you can clean all your brushes with water after using the products we stock, durability and their versatility. 

We love these products so much so that we will be using them on all our painting workshops, giving you the opportunity to try them too by sharing our skills and expertise.

The paint with Polyvine workshops can only be booked via email so they can be run on a one to one basis during our normal weekday opening hours or on a Saturday.

Paint Effects

To enable you to create stunning paint effects, you can use the scumble glaze. This gives you a longer working time so you are able to move the paint around to create the effects before it dries out. There is also crackle glaze which gives you a cracked paint effect with which you can use to age and to add definition to your furniture projects by adding coloured waxes.
If you would like to learn how to use this product and how to create stunning paint effects, why not arrange your workshop with us today, click on the to book tab to email us to arrange your painting with Polyvine workshop

Chalk Paint Maker

This is a new product to the Polyvine range which we were lucky enough to sample just after it was launched. 

We have tried many of the chalk paints that are currently on the market as have many of our customers who come through the door and there has been lots of different opinions on what we and they do and don't like about different brands. 

We had one firm favourite and then we tried the Polyvine chalk paint maker and we like it very much indeed.

The paint maker revolutionizes the spectrum of chalk paints. You mix 2 parts matt paint emulsion to 1 part chalk paint maker and hey presto you have easy minimum prep chalk based furniture paint! This product gives you endless colour options with you being able to use any matt emulsion paint. You can mix as much or as little as you need. If your just doing a drawer front mix 2 dessert spoons of paint to 1 dessert spoon of chalk paint maker.

It goes on smooth and easy even your second coat, you don't get that dragging clogging effect as with some other brands. 

Again we will be using this product on our painting furniture workshops, on the furniture we paint to sell in the shop and for commission pieces.  

Wax & Protect

To protect and finish off your furniture projects you can use the chalk paint waxer, a brush on wax which is very easy to apply and comes in both a satin and a dead flat finish. Once dry buff with a lint free cloth 

We also stock a range of the decorators varnishes in both the satin and dead flat.

All these products are water soluble so easy clean up with your brushes. 

A perfect finish to your painted furniture!