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Keeping up appearances...

We live in a world where we have several seasons often not in the order we were used too and can seem to have several all at once. Not only do we have to change our wardrobes and gardens to reflect the changing seasons we now also change our home interiors and décor to match it.

The last 18 months has seen many changes for us all, some not so good and others new and exciting.

For me it was hard letting go of the shop and not being able to run the workshops, parties and the coffee mornings but it also brought new and exciting times too.

It gave me a chance to get a bit more creative and develop all the new kits as I had more time to experiment and search for new supplies and have a fun time playing around with it all.

To keep my regular customers interested in what I was doing and also to attract new customers I had to constantly think about what new things I could bring them that could be easily made in to a kit and would need minimal equipment.

Prior to the pandemic the rag wreaths were mainly made up as Christmas wreaths with added decorations and just plain floral ones but now there is a decorated rag wreath kit to suit all seasons!

There is nothing better than swapping over your wreaths to celebrate the new seasons, it makes your home look welcoming and adds character to the entrance of your home. I have my rag wreaths hanging on the inside of my front door on the glass attached with a suction hook so they can been seen outside and kept nice and dry as they are kept inside.

I have a spring wreath, which I put up in January, then I change it over for my Easter decorated wreath. In may I then hang up my summer pastel wreath decorated with flowers.

Now I have the new autumn wreath hanging up and in December it will be the Christmas wreath.

The good thing about these wreaths is you can add to them and change them up. My Christmas one is in need of updating so I better have a rummage and get the glue gun out!

As well as the wreaths I also have several garlands hanging up around the house and I love changing those about too. Its surprising how one of these decorations can change the whole look and feel of a room.

If you have a wreath that's looking a bit jaded why not give it a revamp, get your glue gun and get creative.

If you have not yet made one of the rag wreaths kits, why not take a look at the online shop, there are so many to choose from now, you're spoilt for choice

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