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Stick em don't bin em!

It's that time when we take down all the Christmas decorations and some will look a bit jaded and you might think of throwing it in the bin or donating it to the local charity shop. But hold on before you do, think about how you can give it a new lease of life and a fresh look.

I had a large wreath that had seen much better days and had been hiding in our loft for over 10 years and as I have not been able to do the face to face workshops there was no real holly wreaths made so I had to use what I had to hand.

As usual I got a little excited and forgot to take before photos but it was just a plain green artificial foliage wreath with golden apples and satin flowers. So after a rummage around in the bauble box I grabbed the glue gun and got creative and I just loved how it turned out and I had so many comments on what a wonderful looking wreath I had! I felt there was a little something missing when i looked at the photo that I had taken before I packed it away for next year, so I have added a big golden bow to the top centre and I looks even better.

So when we were sorting out the decorations to put back in the loft I decided to have a good sort through as we have decorations that were the traditional red, gold and green from when the children were little and the new stuff we got three Christmases ago which is rose gold and pink. I didn't want to just get rid of the old decorations so I got another wreath that was looking a rather sorry state and did a revamp. It does need lots of foliage added to the back of it and to make it bigger but I don't have any to hand its on its way via Royal Mail so I will add that at a later date. But it gives you an idea of how and what to do with your old decorations. All you need is a glue gun and a little imagination...

I now have a big bag of decorations waiting to be adapted, i have a plan to make a Christmas scene cabinet!

Happy New year and keep on crafting

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