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Let the artist in you free with our new paint a tray kit. Get creative with paints and turn a plain wooden tray into a masterpiece and have pride of place in your home and when you’re bored of it you can just repaint it, an ever changing never ending project!


So whether you are the next Picasso or just want to try something new this kit is just waiting for you. I’m not by any means a painter, I’m more of a creator but I did rather enjoy doing the sample piece in a folk art style.


It is only a small project and is perfect for your first attempt. In your kit you get a pot of your base colour paint, a set of acrylic paint, 2 x paint brushes, pot of varnish, wooden tray, hearts and flowers stencil and of course your easy to follow instructions.

All materials are water based so no mess and easy clean up.

Paint a tray kit

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