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The colours of Autumn

I must admit we are fast approaching my favourite time of the year, where we can wear big baggy slouchy jumpers to hide the summer body that never happened under and woolly hats to hide the messy hair and go for a lovely walk in the woods on a nice crisp fresh autumn day.

Its still amazes me that you can walk one day and the trees are all green and return again a couple of days later and you see a totally different scene, it happens so quickly.

It looks so beautiful with all the oranges, reds, golden yellows, russets and some lush green firs standing tall amongst them all and the holly thick with bright red berries.

This is the inspiration for the new autumnal wreaths and kits that I have put together. I have had great fun putting the fabrics together for the rag wreaths and ordering in all the floral and fauna for the autumnal wreath workshop which is now also available as a kit so you can make it at home too.

I have been making all different types and styles of wreaths for many years and I just love how you have a pile of materials and once put altogether you can make something gorgeous.

Many people panic or think it is far too difficult to put a wreath together but it is much easier than you think.

Its laying out all your materials and putting it together on a flat surface in the shape of a round until you are happy with how it looks, you can keep playing about and changing it and once happy I always take a photo so I can look back to how I wanted it to look and then you recreate this on your actual wreath securing it all with either pins of glue depending on the type of wreath you are doing.

There is lots of inspirational photos online to give you an idea on how to create your wreath kit but here are some photos of the autumnal wreaths that were made on the workshops held in the new garden room.

Remember there is not right or wrong way to create. its your own unique take on how you see it and make it.

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