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Jazzing up your baubles!

A few weeks ago I said to hold on to your baubles as I wanted to share with you some ideas on upcycling and updating them to fit in with your desired colour schemes.

Well I finally managed to get some done, and here are the results...

I only managed to get three done but it gives you an idea of what you can do. I decoupaged one, painted and added beads to another and the final one, my favourite I painted bright pink and covered with pretty pink feathers.

I only had some cream chalk paint to hand, I first gave them all a coat of that and then painted the grey and pink using acrylic paint. Once painted to your colour choice you can literally apply anything you like. Seed beads which you can make attractive patterns with, a little fiddly but would look very effective with the glow of the fairy lights bouncing and reflecting off them.

I used tacky PVA glue to attach the pink feathers, I just kept on adding feathers until there were no more gaps. Now is the perfect time to grab some feathers as the craft shops have them in for Easter. The flat back beads were also added using tacky PVA glue. Finally I tore the paper into small pieces for the decoupage and just gave it a thick coat of PVA to seal it all. You can also add beads to the decoupage to lift and expand on the pattern giving a 3D effect.

You can also cover a bauble with PVA glue and wrap twine or yarn around the bauble and add a little ribbon or decoration.

Hopefully that's got your creative juices flowing and given you something to do on the next wet and miserable weekend.

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