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Let in the spring

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

We can now dust ourselves down, take a deep breath as we face a fresh new year, though we are still living with the virus our lives are easing if only a little for some and more for others, it is most welcome..

The days are gradually getting brighter and to help lift your spirits why not add some spring colour to your home. I have just swapped my Christmas rag wreath for my spring one.

Its been a slow start with the spring clean and declutter, I find it hard to just chuck things away.

I stand there looking at it and thinking how can I repurpose or use it, failing that can anyone else in the family make use of it, so I end up with piles everywhere and it's like I've given myself more work to do!

So back to the repurposing. we had some gorgeous cut glass prosecco bottles over the Christmas holidays so these have been kept to one side as they will be having solar garden lights added to make a nice light feature in the garden.

There were also some lovely shaped bottles which have been kept too so they can be decorated and used as ornaments and gifted. .You can easily paint bottles with chalk paint, the Frenchic brand is really good and comes in a wide range of colours. There is a link at the end so you can find your nearest stockist.

Another way you can paint bottles using any paint is to glue paper in a decoupage fashion, this will give you a textured look but adds a new dimension to them. Use the plain white napkins or the backing sheets on patterned napkins. Remember to pull the sheets apart as they are generally 3 ply so you will end up with 3 sheets. You can wrap these on so covering a large area rather than doing it in the little pieces. However doing it the little pieces also adds a great feel, look and texture.

We only had one plastic tub and one tin of sweets so being a crafter they have already been put to good use for storing the smaller craft supplies that go into making up the various kits.

Greene King pubs are also doing a save the tubs from the landfill campaign, you can drop off you empty plastic sweet containers during January and they will be made into recycled plastic and reused and also raising funds for MacMillan.

Pubs and the hospitality industry have had a tough time so why not meet up with a friend for a spot of lunch whilst dropping of your tubs.

and finally before you give your baubles to charity, pop them to one side as I will be doing a blog on how you can update, and recycle your baubles.

Happy Crafting!

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