It's all about the rag wreaths 

We’re excited to share our favourite tips, ideas and inspirational crafting photos with you. No matter what you want to know about our craft kits you can find it here. 

The purpose of our kits is to give you a taster of a particular craft, and if you like it you can delve further just like when we held workshops for you to come and learn something new. However with a kit we can't always make things as clear like we did in person so here is where we can go in to more detail and give you some ideas and inspiration to get even more creative with our kits. 



You can do so much more with the rag wreaths and garlands

Why not decorate the wooden heart or star that comes in the kits, you can paint and embellish them with gems, pearls and ribbons.

You can now add a decoration pack to your cart when ordering. Just choose a colour that matches or contrasts with the colour of your kit and you will have everything you need to complete the task.

You can also decoupage them with paper or fabric.

Something else people worry about when picking their wreath or garland is the pattern on the fabric. The pattern does not really show, the most important thing is the colour combinations.



If your wreath is looking flat, tired and dusty, take it down and outside and give it a good shake but not too vigorously if heavily decorated as you may dislodged them.

Alternatively you can give it a quick blast with the hair dryer.

If you wreath is undecorated you can give it a spray of air freshener to add a nice scent to the room.