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Do you sometimes find yourself at a loose end and want something to do but worry about going alone or the group will be too big? You would like to have a go at crafting but fear the unknown or think you won't be able to do it?


Why not join me for a coffee and craft session. A chance to be in a small group with like minded folk and enjoy a chat a a bit of crafting in a very relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The crafts will be simple and easy to do and there will be one session per month


17th January Paper craft

14th February fabric painting

8th March Easter theme

10th April ceramic painting

14th May Flower printing

7th June Macrame

3rd July Glass Painting

7th August Leaf painting

6th September Autumnal Sunflowers

8th October Christmas theme

6th November Christmas theme

10th December Christmas theme

There will be only 8 spaces per session, If you are bringing along a carer they will have to book a place too.

The fee includes tea/coffee and the materials for the craft The session starts at 10am and will finish at 12 noon

Due to space restrictions please do not bring small children or babes in arms as there is just not the room, This is strictly for adults only.

Coffee & craft

  • Please let us know ASAP if you are unable to attend and you will be moved onto the next session.

    If you do not inform us you will not get another space on the next session, you will loose your fee. 

    You can only move your session a maximum of 2 times then you will loose your fee as this is using up spaces that others could have attended. 

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