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Paint and decorate a fabric bag . A new addition to our craft kits, a great project for both children and adults; 

There is a choice of bags, a shopping bag, a blank rucksack or one of the printed rucksacks that can be filled in with the paint

A printed canvas rucksack for them to paint and use for sports, school or to take to nana’s house for the weekend. 

The shopping bag makes a great gift as it can be personalised by you to fit the person that you are gifting to.


They will be able to have a one of a kind rucksack as it will be their own work of art. They can get creative and add extra detailing or you can get them a plain one so it can be all their own design.


The kits come with a bag, set of special fabric paints, 2 x brushes and a set of easy to follow instructions. These bags are 100% cotton and are washable once the paint has been sealed and set (adult supervision required to seal the paint)

Choose from mermaid, pirate, unicorns or plain or a shopping bag

Suitable for ages 3years +

Fabric bag painting kit

PriceFrom £7.95
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