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I'm hooked!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

One of my most favoured pastimes is crochet, I take it with me when I go away, panic sets in that I don't have enough wool so pack more for hubby to look on in dismay!

I am not one to just sit in front of the TV I have to be doing something so again I sit and crochet.

The family have all been crocheted out so I need to find another outlet for my creations and much loved hobby, new homes for them to be used, loved and adored.

I don't make things to order and sell them as the amount of time each one takes can never be costed for as often people think it's just a bit of wool not taking into account your time and it's just a hobby right?

I always like to do something for charity every year and this year I am supporting our local hospital who are raising funds to improve the children’s department. They had planning permission approved in January and still have a lot of funds to raise.

So here is my plan...

I have been busy building up a stash of crochet blankets of all shapes and sizes and I will be selling them. 75% of the cost will go to the charity and the other 25% will pay for more wool so I can keep on making them. I have made pram blankets, baby blankets, large throws and other smaller items. I will be posting photos of what is available and the price on the Wigglywoo’s face book page and this is how I can not only keep doing my favourite hobby but also help a charity out too.

So if you are interested then pop on over to the facebook page to see all the beautiful crochet creations that are available.

I do hope you will help me and make this possible.

To find out about the organisation you can see their facebook page via this link Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity | Facebook and their website via this link Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity (

I also love teaching crochet, its the best when you see the joy on peoples faces when they grasp it and they have a trail of crochet hanging off their hook. I have a class running in June for those that are local and would like to come along, look on the events page to book and see what dates are available.

If you are confident at crochet but struggle with learning new stitches or want to try a new stitch I always turn to good old Youtube. I have one or two favourites that I always use as I find them easier to follow. I like the fact that you can pause and watch it again as you are doing the stitch and keep doing it until you get it right.

I just love Donna Wolfe from Naztazia, she explains really well and is very easy to follow and learn from. You can catch her videos on the link below. Even if you are a beginner and new to crochet she has some great tutorials. Come on it's time to get you hooked too!

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