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Challenging and changing times

It has been a very challenging year for many of us and it has been a struggle and an upheaval for me here at Wigglywoo's. Having to squash a whole workshop contents in to our spare rooms was like a game of Jenga! But we did it and have settled in even though I still cant find anything but I know its here somewhere.

As we are no longer able to run workshops in person I can however offer you the kits so you can still make and do in the comfort of your own home especially at this time of year. Its the only thing I wont miss and that's the chilly workshop during the winter months.

I have lots of exciting ideas to bring you over the coming months whilst we all adjust to this situation of a new normality for the foreseeable future.

If you haven't made a purchase yet as you cant decide on what to choose or your worried it may be difficult, let me reassure you all the kits are easy to do and will look amazing whatever your abilities as that is the reason I make up the kits. Its the pleasure and enjoyment of doing the activity, of making and creating something yourself without the great expense of buying lots of equipment to find that actually you didn't enjoy making or doing that particular craft. With our kits you are getting a taster, an introduction to crafting of having a go. Enjoy it and have some fun with it.

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