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Top tips for our rag wreaths

The first workshop I ran at Wigglywoo's was rag wreath making, it was always very popular and it has remained the best selling kit. Its is so easy and relaxing to make and do and is suitable for all ages and abilities. If you are one of those that feel you have not got any creativity at all once you make one of these you will soon be crafting and making them for all your friends and family.

I just love how you can make something so simple and it looks amazing and if you get bored of it you can add some extra decoration to give it a new lease of life.

So what are the top tips?

1) when choosing your kit don't focus on the patterns, it is the colours that have the most impact and effect and how they match and tone together.

2) when cutting your fabric keep each different fabric in a pile in front of you so you end up with 5 or 6 neat piles of fabric. This makes it easier when making up the wreath and to ensure you get an even spread of colour.

3) As the instructions state do the inner ring and then the outer ring, it doesn't have to be packed tightly together at first, once you have both rings covered just keep on adding the strips randomly until you have used all the strips (yes all of them!) and your wreath is nice and full.

4) Decorating the wooden heart really does finish off the wreath perfectly, you can decorate how you wish or add a decoration pack to your order that will be a perfect match for your wreath. You can either have the heart hanging in the centre of the wreath filling the hole.

Tie it to the centre at the bottom so it dangles down or tie it to the centre top so its at the base of the hanging ribbon.

The beauty of a rag wreath is you can't do it wrong, it will always look great even if you have never ever crafted or made anything before. Go on give it a go, pop on to the shop and take your pick!

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